What the heck IS Zed?

What we are building is kind of hard to describe. We say things like – it’s a building full of immersive and interactive art. It’s made of spaces and objects that invoke wonder, curiosity, and the desire to touch or listen or jump up and down. But if you have never seen anything like this, […]

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September Update

Stuff is happening! We can’t tell you everything yet, but soon! Here’s what we CAN say: Tomorrow the artists guidelines and proposal application will be published here. Our timeline has sped up quite a bit. We are now planning for an early 2019 opening. We have a new logo!

July Update

We had an exciting artists gathering in June. 80+ people came to see the presentation and ask questions! Right before the event we developed a questionnaire to give interested folks a place to start plugging in. The responses have been wonderful. We had a core group retreat last weekend and collectively dug deeper into many […]

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Artists Meet & Greet

We’ve set a date! June 22nd, 7 to 9 pm. is our first public meeting. Hello world! We are inviting artists, tinkerers, techies and creatives of all kinds to come find out about Zed, meet the people behind it, learn how to get involved. The Asheville Area Arts Council is graciously hosting us at 207 […]

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The Rumors are True

You’ve heard about immersive, interactive museum experiences, or maybe you’ve been to Meow Wolf, 29 Rooms, Sleep No More or the City Museum in St. Louis. You’ve heard rumors about an Asheville version in the works. You want to know “How can I be a part of this awesomeness?! I have IDEAS!” Great! You are […]

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