The Rumors are True

You’ve heard about immersive, interactive museum experiences, or maybe you’ve been to Meow Wolf, 29 Rooms, Sleep No More or the City Museum in St. Louis. You’ve heard rumors about an Asheville version in the works. You want to know “How can I be a part of this awesomeness?! I have IDEAS!”

Great! You are in the right place. We are not quite ready for you though.

We are a group of creative, community minded Asheville folks developing something big, something AMAZING. We call it Zed.

It will be an interactive, immersive experience driven by an artists’ collective. Imagine a museum where you can climb into the art work, explore a storyline from the inside out, and save the world.

That’s Zed. And we need artists and builders and imaginative do-ers to help us.

Pretty soon we will have this website filled with all you need to know to join the Collective, get on a team, submit a proposal and more. Sometime in late spring we will have our first Meet & Greet for artists.

Check back here. And get on the mailing list (in the footer) to be notified of upcoming stuff!